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As above so below

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Hello, beautiful soul!

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Design ohne Titel (4).png
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Choose your Fate

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As above, so below
As the universe, so the soul
As within. so without

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What does my order include?

Every order includes:

- Thank you card

- a random cow sticker

- blind picked tarot card of the ''mystic monday tarot deck''

Can I get a Refund if my items are damaged ?

All items are double checked for quality before being packaged and shipped. Also I try to pack every order as safe as I can to prevent any damage caused by the post office. But once the package is shipped it is out of my hand. Sadly I can not give you a refund or a replacement since I'm just one person, I have to have strong policies but I do my best to give your items a comfortable shipping time :)

Do the Bookmarks leave ''marks'' on the pages?

I personaly did not experience any marks but I don't recomment stuffing your Books with the Bookmark into bags or get them in Situation where the Book is extremely pressed together. Just standing in your shelf and taking them when you read them should be safe since I have not seen any marks in my Books.

When do you close the pre-orders?

The Pre-orders close normally 4 days before the stated shipping date. Except they are sold out before.

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